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Xtreme Soundscapes offers affordable music promotion for independant bands. We can record your live shows, create music videos, and master your music at an affordable price. We can also offer web design and hosting, promtional help, and photography. We have been working with underground bands for over 20 years, and we do this because we love music. We want to help. Contact us for pricing as it will vary depending on what you want done and what you can afford. Email us at

We have done mastering for a number of bands over the years, and we can clean up old recordings. We have a blog dedicated to recovering and remastering old demos and live recordings called The Demo Reclamation Project. You can hear our mastering work on the latest few Psyche Corporation releases as well.

We can also do DVD mastering, including special features, multiple audio tracks, and, really, just about anything that needs to be done. We have made a few free DVD projects over the years, you can find the video for those to the left as well. The original was called Xtreme Soundscapes, and the latest is entitled The Dave and Joe Show.

Latest Music Video: Psyche Corporation "Institute"

You can watch plenty of our live concert recordings here;


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